origin [ôr′ə jin, är′ə jin]
[ME origyne < MFr origine < L origo (gen. originis) < oriri, to rise: see ORIENT]
1. a coming into existence or use; beginning
2. parentage; birth; lineage
3. that in which something has its beginning; source; root; cause
4. Anat. the less movable of the two points of attachment of a muscle, usually the end attached to the more rigid part of the skeleton
5. Math.
a) in a system of Cartesian coordinates, the point at which the axes intersect; base point where the abscissa and ordinate equal zero
b) any zero reference point from which measurement begins
SYN.- ORIGIN is applied to that from which a person or thing has its very beginning [the origin of a word ]; SOURCE is applied to the point or place from which something arises, comes, or develops [the sun is our source of energy ]; BEGINNING is the basic term for a starting point or place [the beginning of a quarrel ]; INCEPTION is specif. applied to the beginning of an undertaking, organization, etc. [Smith headed the business from its inception]; ROOT1 suggests an origin so deep and basic as to be the ultimate cause from which something stems [the root of the matter ]

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